BNP Paribas


For Philippe Laulanie, Retail Mobile Wallet - RD&I for BNP Paribas, "customer data has played a role in customer relations management and daily monitoring of banking activity for a long time.

Extending the study and nature of ‘customer data’ and individual and personal data could potentially create new opportunities in terms of services and products, for both our retail and commercial customers and our private customers:

For retail and commercial customers, by giving them access to currently inaccessible information about their own customers' behavior at macro level. This new value proposition helps the bank develop and consolidate its relationship with its corporate customers.

For private customers, by proposing new services linked to the use of their banking products and to their daily lives. These offers help boost satisfaction and loyalty by giving customers the opportunity to improve their consumption behaviors.

For BNP Paribas, access to and use of certain customer personal data represents a twofold opportunity: increasing added value for its corporate customers and improving satisfaction and experience for its private customers.

A few questions:

- What balance can be found between the right to information and the right to be forgotten?

- Have all data become personal?

- Internet: a public space?

- It is often said that the 3 Vs of Big Data are velocity, volume, and variety: haven't we forgotten the most important: veracity?"