In the words of Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière, Executive Director of Innovation, Marketing and Technology at Orange: "personal data protection and respecting our customers' privacy is a major concern for a telecoms operator like Orange, whose mobile and fixed networks carry a growing amount of personal data. The variety of partners as well as the variety of skills gives this Chair great creative potential. It will be able to further research programs we are implementing on innovative technology for personal data protection.”

Orange strives to be recognized by its customers, users, and partners as a "trusted operator" and is deeply committed to ensuring:

  • secure customer personal data through reliable processing and secure storage methods
  • control over personal data for our customers as well as its use, via a personal dashboard
  • transparency in the processing of our customer and user data at every step of the relationship
  • support for all its clients and users in order to help them protect their privacy and better manage their personal data.