The Values and Policies of Personal Information Chair welcomes Deveryware among its partners

Deveryware has been specialized for over 10 years in real-time geolocation of people and property, developing location-based applications for businesses, State departments and private individuals. For this French SME, the work of Institut Mines-Télécom Chair on Values and Personal Information Policies (bringing together researchers, the Imprimerie Nationale Group, BNP Paribas, Dassault Systemes and the CNIL – National Commission for Computer Data and Individual Liberties) provides an ideal forum for discussing with other specialists and representatives of the human, social and technical sciences. The aim is to invent the solutions of tomorrow while remaining respectful of individuals’ personal information.

In the space of a few years, geolocation has become a key issue with legal, technological, economic, sociological and philosophical implications that often attract media attention. The growing power of the technological resources, notably with smartphones and the upcoming boom in the internet of objects, are considerably extending the scope of the possible.

For Stéphane Schmoll, Deveryware Managing Director, “the PRISM affair and successive court rulings against the US internet giants have shown the dangers of legal or illegal processing of our personal data outside European territory. The response needs to be coordinated on the European level, with national initiatives and proposals providing a way of experimenting, illustrating and proposing solutions that can reconcile usage value, security and respect for individual liberties.

He adds: “For several years, in close collaboration with the CNIL, Deveryware has researched and developed a set of innovative solutions for collecting consent for location-based services, which could also be applied to other kinds of personal data. In geolocation, the shift in demand towards geographical profiling and behavioral analysis raises new challenges that need to be prepared for. This is why we have chosen to join Institut Mines-Télécom Chair on Values and Personal Information Policies which is a genuine think tank on these issues, in our opinion.

The Chair on Values and Personal Information Policies open to new partners
Deveryware is joining the other partners of the Chair: Imprimerie Nationale Group, BNP Paribas, Dassault Systemes and CNIL as a qualified partner.

Since April 2013, the Chair has comprised a multi-disciplinary team of researchers of Institut Mines-Télécom (Télécom ParisTech, Télécom SudParis and Télécom Ecole de Management) working on the legal aspects of regulation and compliance, data system security techniques, the economics of information sharing, the philosophy of accountability and preparing for the consequences for society.

For Claire Levallois-Barth, “this multi-disciplinary chair, which will soon be celebrating its first anniversary, remains open to new partner companies interested in joining our research program or proposing subjects relating to it. For example, we are interested in other themes, such as personal information in the area of the internet of objects, health or transport.

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