Connections and synergies between syntactic privacy models and differential privacy

Le 19 novembre 15h30-16h30 - Séminaire laboratoire CNRS UMR 5157 SAMOVAR - Salle A003 - "Connections and synergies between syntactic privacy models and differential privacy" - par prof. Josep Domingo-Ferrer.

VITA: Josep Domingo-Ferrer (Sabadell, Catalonia, 1965) is a Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and an ICREA-Acadèmia Researcher at Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Catalonia, where he holds the UNESCO Chair in Data Privacy. He is a Fellow of IEEE and a Member of Academia Europaea.

Abstract : There are two main families of privacy models when anonymizing data: syntactic models and differential-privacy related models. Among the former, k-anonymity and its extensions l-diversity and t-closeness stand out. Syntactic models tend to offer more data utility than differential privacy but their privacy guarantees are less strict. Contrary to a line of thought that labels syntactic models as "the past" and differential privacy as "the future", in this talk we will highlight several synergies between both families of models. Specifically, we will show that the utility of differential privacy can be improved via microaggregation-based k-anonymity. Also, we will show that differential privacy can be achieved via t-closeness and conversely.

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